Is it for me? Gondor is for...


Allow developers to push feature branches for clients to review. Continue to manage through to production.


Get your site up quickly then be able to deploy multiple times a day. Start off small for private beta and upgrade as you grow.


Pay per instance or a fixed amount for a dedicated VPS that you can deploy all of your projects to.


Allow developers to provision servers and deploy instances for QA and UAT without having to put in IT support requests.

Gondor supports

Django or any WSGI application

Revision control via git or mercurial

Full-text search using Elasticsearch

Dependency management using pip

Asynchronous and scheduled task execution


Caching via redis

Dedicated-IP SSL

Custom domains

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Important Anniversary Billing Changes

by Brian Rosner on Feb 5, 2015

We have been making changes to our billing system. While these changes are mostly for our benefit, you should be aware of these changes.

How to Publish Static Files for a Flask App

by Patrick Altman on Jan 20, 2015

Last month, I showed you how to run Flask on Gondor with an extremely simple app. Now, let's build on this and show you how to publish your static files on each deploy.

How To Configure Django for Temporary Instances

by Patrick Altman on Nov 18, 2014

One of the great features of Gondor is being able to quickly create instances of your site to try out a new feature before deciding to merge or create a pull request. While Django's ALLOWED_HOSTS setting provides extra security, it can be a bit of a pain for one off instance hosting.

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Our customers say is so easy to use that I was able to build and deploy a launch/signup page for my django project in less than a day. When I encountered any difficulties, the Eldarion support team was very responsive and helped me solve my issues quickly.
Jamie Forrest
Pittsburgh, PA
I've been trying to learn Django and use it to improve our business systems for the past two years. Leaning on the infrastructure provided by Gondor to manage, test and deploy Django projects has opened up our ability to make improvements and try some new approaches. Getting access to Gondor's capabilities was a huge turning point for my work in Django.
Jake Wegner
Technology Manager, McLemore Auction Company
Gondor is by far the most seamless hosting solution I've ever used. Thanks for such a great product, guys!
Alexis Santos
Kissimmee, Florida